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What Material To Choose For My Carpet?

The fibers from which the surface of a carpet is made obviously fulfill the most important role since it is this surface that will be stepped on and the one that will be most exposed to the environment and dirt.

These fibers are classified into two main categories which are natural fibers and synthetic fibers. But on the other hand, we must highlight the role currently played by woven vinyl rugs and carpets, which, due to their technical and aesthetic characteristics, occupy a very important part of the residential and professional or contract markets.

Features Of Natural Fiber Rugs:

Natural fibers are divided into plant fibers and animal fibers.custom made rugs

Of the vegetable fibers, the most common for making carpets and rugs are Sisal and algae, which in addition to being very attractive due to their artisanal aesthetics, are solid and resistant fibers, which makes them an ideal option for busy areas.

Features of sisal rugs and carpets:

Sisal and seaweed are among the most resistant fibers of natural fibers, which is already a factor to consider when making a decision. But it is not the only characteristic that seduces us with these fibers, but rather peculiarities such as their resistance to stains, their suitability as carpets for allergy sufferers that trap dust and prevent it from circulating in the air, facilitating cleaning with the passage of a vacuum cleaner. Or a brush and the fact that they are affordable for all budgets, have probably made the decision already made.

Features of wool rugs and carpets:

Of the natural animal fiber rugs, wool rugs are undoubtedly the most sought after and everything has its reasons. We all know about the comfort that these rugs bring and the pleasure they bring to the eyes and the touch, but there are lesser-known aspects that should be highlighted.

Wool rugs and carpets, compared to what most people think, are insulating from both cold and heat, so its use is recommended in all seasons of the year as it can save you money. Energy.

The wool fibers are naturally curled, which is why they have great elasticity, which means that they recover their original shape after being crushed by a piece of furniture or any other element, and they also retain their color better because they absorb the dyed in greater depth, These two technical aspects mean greater longevity of your carpet or carpet.

The structure of the wool fibers prevents dirt from penetrating deep into your carpets or rugs, making it easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner or simple brushing. There are studies that show that spaces with these types of rugs reduce airborne dust particles by 80%.

Wool is powerful acoustic insulation against noise, which is why its use is very common in private residences as well as hotels and other public spaces.

Are you still there or have you gone for a wool rug?

Rugs and carpets have brought about a revolution in the sector due to their technical peculiarities never before seen in other materials and which, together with the possibilities they offer to specialists in architecture, design, and decoration, have placed them at the point for both the residential and professional or contract markets.

Some of these characteristics are the following:

They are washable, resistant to powerful corrosive cleaning products such as bleach, making it possible to use them as outdoor rugs or kitchen rugs.

It repels dust and animal hair, so it is indicated for use as a carpet for allergy sufferers or for those who have pets.

Allows the passage of heat in case of underfloor heating

Low abrasion level making them ideal for use as children’s rugs

It allows innovative designs (customizable according to the client’s taste) to make them as modern rugs.

Great resistance to use and over time.

They are non-slip so they prevent accidents.

Made in an environmentally friendly process.

Characteristics of Synthetic Fiber Carpets

Synthetic rugs, as well as carpets, are in high demand today, mainly because of their resistance and longevity, and because, since they are fibers that absorb little moisture, they are very easily cleaned.

But this demand not only responds to functional aspects but we also speak of fibers such as polyamide or polypropylene that have evolved enormously in recent years, allowing us to develop a product that combines the positive aspects of natural fibers with the advantages of the latest generation materials.

And the result is, rugs and carpets work but in addition to great beauty and personality, with an appearance, colors, and textures that would not have been possible otherwise.